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Covid-19 Info

June 25, 2020


Dear Culver Community Parents and Students,


Our administrative team and teachers are preparing to welcome students back to school for the 2020-21 school year.  We have been collaborating with other County Superintendents, Marshall County Health Department and Saint Joseph Health Systems over the past several weeks. According to Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order, schools are permitted and encouraged to resume for the 2020-21 school year.  Additionally, the Indiana Department of Education in cooperation with the Indiana State Department of Health and the Family and Social Services Administration released guidelines for the reopening of schools.  With this information and through the collaboration with county health officials, the following information is being communicated as it relates to the start of the upcoming school year.


  • There are no changes to school calendars or schedules. We will begin August 10, 2020 for teachers and August 12th for students between the hours of 7:45AM and 3:15PM. Student start and dismissal time will be as last year: 7: 55AM at MSHS and 8:00AM at CES; 3:05PM at CES and 3:12PM at MSHS.
  • Parent Choice at Home Learning is an option but must be declared by July 10, 2020. Please contact Mr. Berndt or Mrs. Proskey to begin this request. Any student wishing to participate in extracurriculars must attend school.
    • Students and staff will be trained to recognize the symptoms of CoVID 19 the first day. Each student/family and staff member will be expected to self-screen at home for symptoms of COVID-19.  If individuals are sick, then they should not come to school/work.  Temperatures may be taken at the bus stop if necessary due to concern of potential symptomatic students.
  • Students and staff shall be fever free for 72 hours (without the use of medication) before returning to school.
  • We will require staff and students (provided by family) to have a mask with them.  There will be certain situations, including on a school bus and some in-school settings, when wearing a mask will be required for both students and staff, especially where social distancing is not possible.
  • July 6th Summer Conditioning begins. Contact Mr. Zehner for those guidelines.
  • Instructional space and daily schedules will be maximized in order to promote appropriate distancing.
  • Hand washing and the repeated use of hand sanitizer will be expected throughout the school day.
  • All students K-12 will have an assigned iPAD.
  • Lockers will not be used.
  • Schools will utilize proven cleaning products and procedures to ensure a healthy and clean environment.
  • Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing will be promoted throughout each day.  Sanitizer is provided in all classrooms and personally for each teacher.  Cleansing wipes will be available for door handles and commonly touched services. 
  • Allow the use of water fountains for bottle or cup refills only. Water can be purchased through lunch accounts.
  • Adjust cafeteria schedules and procedures to maximize spaces and adhere to safety guidelines will be completed.
  • Identify a separate space in school buildings to respond to symptomatic students.
  • Greater restrictions on visitors and guests in our school buildings.
  • IF the number of cases of COVID-19 reaches a level where state and local officials determine a change in our scheduling needs to occur, we potentially will implement more restrictions within the school setting in an attempt to remain open during the "second wave" of potential outbreak. We will provide this information at Parent Meetings the first week of August.
  • Additionally, in cooperation with the Marshall County Health Department, our schools will have a common response to confirmed cases of COVID-19.  Each case will be handled on an individual basis with the goal of keeping our schools open. 
  • If a teacher develops symptoms they are asked to use sick day(s) and potentially get tested if symptoms persist beyond 2 days. Tests are available at MASE clinic and LifePlex. If a teacher tests positive they are to self quarantine at home until a doctor releases them to return to work. Depending on the risk of exposure the teacher's students may need to quarantine 2-5 days to determine the level of exposure and to sanitize the classroom. Same is true of a student who tests positive. Teacher and student(s) may need to quarantine 2-5 days to determine level of exposure and to sanitize the classroom.


We value the partnerships that exist with our families and communities.  This partnership moving forward will be essential for our students’ success and for a safe and healthy school environment.  We asked for your continued flexibility and understanding in that this decision has been developed but may change.


Parent Choice At-Home Learning

This online option will allow students to receive direct instruction of essential skills and standards by a highly qualified Culver Community Schools teacher. For elementary and middle/ high school students opting to attend Culver via the online option, they will access Google Classroom/Google Hangouts each day to watch videos of direct instruction from Culver teachers and complete accompanying activities and assessments. All students, regardless of whether they are physically attending school or completing their coursework online, will complete the same district summative assessments. A Culver teacher will provide weekly feedback and intervene when necessary. 



Students will receive instruction for reading, math, and writing, Social Studies/Science. This instruction will consist of live/interactive recorded lessons and one day of assessment and/or culminating activities for each of the subjects. The recorded lessons will be taught by your student’s grade level teacher. Students will be assigned to a classroom teacher. If the student returns to school during this school year, the student will be placed with the teacher to which they have been assigned. All assignments will be submitted via Google Classroom. All assignments and homework will be due the next day after assigned or when the teacher decides, same as if the student was attending in class. Students will receive grades for the weekly assessments and/or culminating activities. If questions about assignments arise, the student and/or the parents can email, use Google Classroom, Class Dojo or call the classroom teacher. 


Middle High School:

Instructional videos, supplementary materials, and assessments will be delivered through Google Hangouts/Google Classroom. Students will follow their normal schedule and watch their live and interactive lesson as it is taught by their teacher.  If questions about assignments arise, students can contact their assigned teacher via email or through Google Classroom. Students will receive grades for assessments and/or culminating activities. All assignments and homework will be due the next day after assigned or when the teacher decides, same as if the student was attending in class.

Families must declare their intention to use the online option by July 10, 2020 following the link below. At the end of each quarter, families will be asked to review and again request if they want the instruction to continue for their student online. A minimum number of students is required in each grade level to offer this option.

CLICK HERE to formally request At Home Learning for your student. Please complete a separate request for each student in your family.

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